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Hi - hola! I’m Tatiana, a Texas girl who lives and breathes all things Disney. I am an adventurer, an artist, a theater maker, and a planner. I love taking group trips with my best friends to Walt Disney World and daydreaming/planning trips to explore Europe and Asia in the coming years. Whether you’re looking to take a trip with your family to a Disney Resort or looking to take a girls trip with your gals to an all inclusive resort - I’m here to take the stress out of your trave.

 ¡Hablo inglés y español también! ¡Para que podamos trabajar juntos en cualquier idioma!

My Story

My love of Disney and travel started young. My mom immigrated from Mexico in the 80s as part of the Disney International Cultural Exchange program. She started out working in Epcot as a cashier in the Mexican Pavilion when she met my dad - another student of the Disney College Program (DCP). They fell in love, got married, and had me and my brother! We grew up going to the parks even after we moved to Texas. I looked forward to our annual trips in July. As I got older, I started traveling internationally and around the USA. At 12 - I took my first solo trip (with the help of Unaccompanied Minor programs) and I fell in love with the thrill of exploring somewhere totally new. It was scary and exciting. Thrilling and heartwarming. I met new people on the bus, train, in line for a ride, and outside of theaters after a show. And experienced new food, culture, art, colors, and sounds. Travel felt like the perfect way to escape the everyday - and live fully in the moment.

The Rest is History....

I started working in the travel industry at the end of 2020 - after missing travel desperately for a year. Right off the bat, I planned a trip for some of my closest friends to spend a week at the Walt Disney World Resort during the slowest time of the year. It was magical, nostalgic, fun, and full of so much personal time for us to connect after months of isolation. I truly believe that travel helps us connect with each other, with nature, and the world as a global community. And that’s what brings me joy in travel designing - I love helping families and friends connect and cultivate beautiful memories that they’ll never forget. 

I am passionate about the environment and finding ways to travel that are helpful to the local economy of wherever you’re visiting. A big part of traveling is learning more about new places, people, and communities. I love sharing tips and tricks about traveling tailored to the destination you’re visiting, creating detailed itineraries with some flexibility for fun, and helping my clients make the most of their trip.


A Few of My Favorite adventures

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