Our Mission

To make planning your vacation a pleasure again. There are more resources than ever dedicated to booking and designing travel … but somewhere along the way, things got way too complicated. 

Our mission is to simplify and streamline the planning process for you. Instead of clicking “book” online with a hope and a prayer, you’ll be matched with a real, live Briar & Main travel expert to guide you through it all. We listen to your unique needs, apply our professional travel industry knowledge, and deliver a vacation that’s hand-crafted just for you, not the masses.

This is travel planning designed to put a smile on your face!

Vacation Happy with Briar & Main


We’re Briar & Main, Your Boutique Travel Agency

We’re dedicated to designing singular vacations that serve up smiles—and have our clients saying bye-bye to all the planning stress. Work with us to plan your next trip to Disney or Universal, cruise vacation, all-inclusive resort escape, or enchanting Europe journey!

Meet the Owner

Hi there! I’m Alia Pierson, and I founded Briar & Main Travel Boutique in 2019 to help families and couples embark on stress-free, magical vacations. In fact, I’ve always loved adding more magic to people’s lives. Before Briar & Main, I was a performer at several theme parks (yes, I know the parks very well!). I also worked at a major T.V. network and ran my own wedding cake business—but travel had always called my name. 

After living in Canada for nearly a year—and embarking on trips to Mexico and Hawaii—I saw how much travel can impact your thinking and how you connect to others. A well-planned trip can be truly life changing. 

The only problem? Planning travel has become SUCH a chore!

Embark on an Effortless Adventure

Instead of the internet making trip planning easier, it just adds to your overwhelm. Our clients are way too busy to sift through the mountains of info online just to plan a trip. That’s why they’re planning a vacation in the first place—to escape the daily stressors and to-do lists!

And that’s why our team is bringing the personal touch back to travel planning. Instead of an anonymous online site—that doesn’t know the first thing about your unique wishes and needs—you’ll work one-on-one with your very own B&M travel advisor. You become so much more than a client to us. 

You become a part of the Briar & Main family. 




Travel Designer Team

Say Hello to our


Caroline Parris
Disney/Universal & Cruise  Specialist


Danielle Jackson
Honeymoon Specialist


Hannah Carey
Disney & Cruise Specialist
Military Family Travel

Jennifer Smith
Senior Travel Planner
Disney/Universal Specialist


Claire Doorn
All-Inclusive & Europe Specialist

Alex Boncek
Disney/Universal Specialist

Debbie Lyons
Disney/Universal & Cruise Specialist

Kayla Castro
Certified Autism Travel Professional
 Disney/Universal & Cruise Specialist


Kalie Melquist
All-Inclusive & Hawaii Specialist


Krystle Lowe
Disney/Universal Specialist

Melissa Ward
Disney/Universal Specialist

Mollee Richey
Honeymoon & Wedding Specialist

Lindsey Bargelt
Iceland, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe Specialist

Megan Scott
Disney/Universal Specialist

Caitlin Millis
Disney/Universal & Cruise Specialist

Alyssa Fisher
Disney/Universal & Central/South America Specialist

Iman Russ
All-Inclusive Specialist

Katherine Dionne
Wedding Specialist

Kristina Pratt
Disney/Universal Specialist

Leah Dawson
Disney/Universal Specialist

Lexi Pyle
Disney/Universal Specialist

Melissa Rome
Disney/Universal Specialist

Melissa Radtke
Disney/Universal & Cruise Specialist

Natalie Garrison
Disney/Universal, All-Inclusive, Mainland Specialist

Priscilla Schussler
Disney/Universal Specialist

Mystee Ipong
Disney/Universal Specialist

Kevin Belt
Disney/Universal Specialist

Paige Upshaw
All-Inclusive-Caribbean Specialist

Sean McCall
Certified Travel Advisor
Disney/Universal & Cruise Specialist

Tatiana Gantt
Disney/Universal/Mexico Specialist

Sydney Drinkwine
Disney/Universal Specialist

Kailyn Powers
Disney/Universal Specialist

Natalie Banke
Disney/Universal Specialist

Kerri Hinkel
Disney/Universal Specialist

Jill Jensen
Honeymoon & Group Travel Specialist

Jessica Henke
Honeymoon & Cruise Specialist-Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe

Gina Davenport
Disney/Universal Specialist

Esty Steffen
Disney Travel Specialist

Brittany Taylor
Disney/Universal Specialist

Ashley Mele
Disney/Universal & Cruise Specialist

Jordan Mather
Senior Travel Planner
Disney/Universal Specialist

Erin Mandeville
Disney Travel Specialist

Cassidy Dallas
Disney Specialist

Kelley Addenbrooke
Disney Specialist

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Currently looking for:
Full-Time Destination Wedding Specialists
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