Falling for Paris: 6 Reasons to Visit in the Fall

While we’ll always have Paris, not everyone gets to experience Paris in the fall. With a sea of red and orange foliage, perfect weather, and shorter lines, there are many reasons why you should plan your Parisian getaway while the leaves are still falling. Here are just 6 reasons why you should set your sights on a Paris vacation in the fall.

1. Parisian Fall

From the months of September to November, the weather in Paris is what the French might call, parfait. (perfect!) This illustrious city experiences temperatures in the upper 60s during September and gradually reaches the lower 60s toward October. If you’re not sure what to wear, a light coat and some comfy sneakers will do just fine. You’ll be closing all those exercise rings.

2. Skip the lines

As the summer comes to a close and most are back to reality, lines become shorter and crowds disperse. This means you can finally hit all the popular sights such as Palace of Versailles or the Louvre Museum without waiting in endless lines. You’ll be able to check off all the “must-sees.”  

3. Colors Galore

Although Paris is pretty any time of the year, the fall season is the perfect backdrop for your Parisian vacation. Trees are everywhere and golden leaves will be at your feet. If you feel like taking a stroll to Luxemburg Gardens or the Promenade Plantée, you’ll find yourself surrounded by this photo-worthy foliage.

4. Hot, Hot…Hot Chocolate!

As the sun sets, the cool breezy nights come. This makes for the perfect opportunity to cuddle up with a nice warm drink, such as hot chocolate. Paris is known for its chocolat chaud. You can even find yourself with the likes of Picasso and Hemmingway at Café de Flore, one of the oldest and most frequented coffeehouses in Paris. Don’t forget to pick up a fresh croissant while you’re there.

5. Your wallet will thank you.

School bells ring and others are on the clock. Without the usual demand that comes with the summer season, hotels and plane tickets have a cheaper price tag. Have you been eyeing that luxury hotel? It probably has availability. Better yet—you won’t have all that added stress about breaking the bank.

6. We’re Open!

During the fall, Parisian venues and restaurants will be business as usual. Have a special place in mind? Now’s your chance to try it out. If you’re looking to try other things, fall happens to be the season for réentrée. This means new plays, exhibitions, and festivals will be opening up all across the city.

P.S. Most museums and galleries in Paris have free entry and are open all night!

Whether it’s the Arc de Triumph or the Eiffel Tower, everything looks better in the autumn hue. We hope these reasons convinced you to soak in the season and start planning your Paris vacation in the fall.

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