Top Walt Disney World Tips from a Former Cast Member

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As a former Walt Disney World Cast Member, I’m very passionate about helping individuals plan their trip to the parks. After working in the parks, I’ve learned many hidden secrets and tips that can really help transform a Disney trip from good to great! After witnessing many meltdowns from guests, I’ve learnt what to avoid when planning a trip and the importance of pacing yourself on your visit. These are a few of my top tips for your next Walt Disney World trip to make it a memorable time for your whole family.

Plan in advance of your trip

I always found it interesting to see how many families turned up to the parks without having researched anything in advance. While I love spontaneity during some of my vacations, I really believe Disney is a place where you want to at least plan some of your vacation in advance. By not planning and booking reservations before you arrive, you’ll miss out on some of the best dining experiences and rides in the parks. You don’t need to have an hour-by-hour itinerary planned, but a rough guide for each day will ensure you hit the best attractions first thing in the morning and have a delicious lunch or dinner to enjoy each day.

Set your Budget

Carrying on from planning your trip, I’d highly recommend having a discussion with your family in advance about spending and budgets. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen arguments between kids and parents about buying toys and souvenirs. By giving your kids a daily pocket money allowance, you can set realistic expectations before your trip.

Behind the Scenes Magic

If you are traveling with a group of adults, I’d highly recommend taking one of Disney’s behind the scenes tours. Did you know that there’s a whole underground world underneath the Magic Kingdom called the Utilidors? Epcot is similarly impressive backstage, with a bus system dropping cast members off in their countries around World Showcase. My top tour recommendation is the half-day Keys to the Kingdom tour in the Magic Kingdom, although if you would enjoy a more active adventure, I also love the Wild Africa Trek in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.

Stay on Disney property

I can’t praise the benefits of staying on Disney property enough, and with a selection of resorts to fit all budgets, it’s a no-brainer when planning your next trip. The ease of Disney’s transportation system makes staying in their resorts worth the cost, and you’ll enjoy an immersive experience from the minute you arrive in Orlando. Getting in your car at the end of a busy day in the parks is sometimes the last thing you want to do, so you’ll appreciate the ease of the Disney buses or walking back to your resort.

Relax and enjoy the details

While I’m a huge advocate for planning, once you’re in the parks, try and relax and enjoy the moment. If your kids want to pull you away from your planned activities, let them have fun and enjoy the attractions they are most excited about in the moment. Walt Disney World’s theme parks contain so many intricate details and smaller experiences, and there’s so much beyond the main attractions to enjoy. Take a moment to soak it all in and enjoy some of the smaller performances and attractions the parks have to offer.

Walt Disney World offers amazing experiences for kids and adults alike, and with a little prior planning and research, you’ll have an incredible time as a family on your next trip. Are you planning your next Walt Disney World vacation? Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation and for any further assistance you may need.

*Thank you to our Cast Member insider for your tips!! ~Briar & Main